26/11 attack carried out by Pak-based terror group: Pakistan ex-NSA

Durrani was Pakistan's NSA when Pakistani terrorists, who arrived via sea route from Karachi, launched coordinated attacks across Mumbai.

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Pakistan’s former national security adviser Mahmud Ali Durrani on Monday admitted that the 26/11 Mumbai attack, which claimed many lives, was carried out by a terror group based in Pakistan and called it a “classic” example of cross-border terror. “I hate to admit that the 26/11 Mumbai attack carried out by a terror group based in Pakistan on November 26, 2008 is a classic trans-border terrorist event,” said Durrani, who was the NSA when 10 Pakistani terrorists sailed into Mumbai and committed mayhem over three days.

Durrani, however, maintained that the Pakistani government had no role in the attack. He was speaking at a conference on combating terrorism at the Institute of Defence Studies and Analysis.

WATCH | 26/11 Attack Carried Out By Terror Group Based In Pakistan: Ex-Pak NSA

26/11 Attack Carried Out By Terror Group Based In Pakistan: Ex-Pak NSA

On November 26, 2008, ten members of terror outfit  Lashkar-e-Taiba launched a series of attack at eight places in Mumbai including, the famous Taj Hotel. It took security forces three days to flush out the terrorists as they launched indiscriminate firing at Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminal, the iconic Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, the Oberoi Trident Hotel, Leopold Cafe and the Nariman House Jewish Centre.Durrani was removed from the post in 2009.

New Delhi has provided ample evidence to Islamabad over involvement of top Lashkar-e-Taiba commanders in the November 26, 2008 attacks. However, Pakistan has denied all such allegations blaming ‘non-state actors’ for the incident.

Durrani also hit out at Saeed — a terrorist commander who carries a $10 million-reward announced by the US. “Hafiz Saeed has has no utility. I hope they (Pakistan government) will punish (him).”

Saeed was put under house arrest on January 30. The Lashkar founder, who now runs a banned Jamaat-ud-Daawa charity, was detained after the Mumbai terror attack in November 2008 but was freed by a court in 2009. Pakistan has also listed the Lashkar founder under the country’s Anti-Terrorism Act — a tacit acknowledgment of his links to terrorism.

First Published on: March 6, 2017 3:35 pm

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