Topless Femen activist heckles French far-right's Marine Le Pen

France’s far-right National Front leader Marine Le Pen has been heckled by a topless Femen activist at a news conference intended to outline her views on foreign policy ahead of the presidential election.
The protester managed to chant “Marine, fake feminist” several times before being physically removed from the Paris venue.
It’s not the first time this has happened to Le Pen, a self-styled feminist and the only woman running in the presidential race.
A group of Femen activists also disrupted a speech of hers in May, 2015.
It’s also not the first time someone has been physically ejected from a Marine Le Pen press conference.
At the beginning of February (2017), a video emerged of two security guards appearing to push journalist Paul Larrouturou from French television channel TF1’s Quotidien programme out of the door after asking Le Pen a question.
Opinion polls currently place her at the top of the pack to win the first round of France’s upcoming presidential election. Although, they suggest she will lose out in the second round.


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