Taliban Leaders Exploit Islam, Use Its Fighters as Tools: Ghani

“Afghanistan has its independence because of your sacrifices and Afghanistan will be an independent country for thousands of years,” said Ghani.
President Ashraf Ghani on Monday hailed the contributions made by the Afghan armed services for the safety and security of the Afghan people and the country and said the security forces were a symbol of unity.

“Taliban leaders and their children are living lives of luxury. Some of them have several wives, but they use other Taliban as tools against Islam and the people of Afghanistan,” said Ghani.

Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) have made major sacrifices for the sake of Afghan people’s freedom and the country. The nation is proud of having such forces, said Ghani.

“ANSF has safeguarded Afghanistan’s freedom and national sovereignty at a very critical juncture,” said Ghani at an event in Kabul marking National Armed Forces Day.

On the issue of terrorism, Ghani said that groups such as Al-qaeda, Daesh and the drug mafia are enemies of the Afghan people.

ANSF is the symbol our unity, said Ghani.

On politics of Taliban, Ghani said that Taliban leaders are spending life in luxury, but exploit Islamic values and harm the Afghan people in the hands of its followers.

“Afghanistan has its independence because of your sacrifices and Afghanistan will be an independent country for thousands of years,” said Ghani.

Ghani added that no country will be allowed to use Afghanistan as a battlefield.

On Monday Afghanistan marked its National Armed Forces Day. The day is honored as a tribute to the sacrifices of Afghan army, police and other soldiers serving in the structure of the ANSF.

“Our security forces are fully prepared and fully equipped to defend every inch of the country any time,” said Afghan army chief general Qadam Shah Shaheem.

“The only definition that defines the Afghanistan defense and security forces is that these forces are non-political,” said Afghanistan CEO Abdullah Abdullah.

The special units of police and army are said to be made up of the most powerful veterans in the structure of ANSF. They continue their complicated missions throughout the year to safeguard their country.

In the recognition of ANSF efforts for defense of the country, Ghani handed special certificates to some officers from special units of police, officers from 203 Thunder Army Corps and commando units.

Source: http://www.tolonews.com/afghanistan/taliban-leaders-exploit-islam-use-its-fighters-tools-ghani


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