Terrorist Groups in Peru Receive Funding From Europe

President of the National Congress of Peru Luz Filomena Salgado Rubianes said that the necessary steps to fight terrorism include the fight against poverty, cooperation with the law enforcement agencies and the use of modern technologies in the work of security agencies.
ABU DHABI (Sputnik) — Terrorist groups operating in Peru receive financing from Europe, President of the National Congress of Peru Luz Filomena Salgado Rubianes said on Monday.

"Terrorism is one of the main threats in the world, and in Peru there are also terrorist groups, receiving financing from Europe," Rubianes said at an international summit of female parliamentary leaders held in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) capital. She stressed that the Peruvian Congress had recently adopted a law allowing the detention of terrorist suspects for a month in order to have enough time to collect evidence. 
According to Rubianes, the necessary steps to fight terrorism include the fight against poverty, cooperation with the law enforcement agencies and the use of modern technologies in the work of security agencies.

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Source: https://sputniknews.com/latam/201612121048462132-peru-europe-terrorism/


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