Reports: Intelligence warns of Saudis exporting extremism to Germany

Berlin (dpa) - Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Qatar have been providing increasing levels of support to an ultraconservative branch of Islam in order for it to take root in Germany, German media reported, citing an intelligence report.

Religious organizations from the three Gulf states are building mosques and schools in Germany as well as sending preachers to the country, the Sueddeutsche Zeitung newspaper and state broadcasters reported.

The Saudi government stressed the independent nature of these organizations, but Germany‘s foreign and domestic intelligence agencies concluded that they "are closely linked with state posts in their countries of origin," the newspaper said.

The domestic intelligence agency gave the Revival of Islamic Heritage Society as an example, noting that it had found "essentially no difference" between the group‘s missionary work and its jihadist ideology.

Nonetheless, the Sueddeustche Zeitung quoted the agency as saying that there was no concrete evidence to suggest that the society had supported "violent Salafist structures and networks."

German intelligence agencies have compiled a list of known operatives and preachers who should be denied entry into Europe‘s border-free Schengen area, according to the media reports.



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