Bangladesh PM: Identify sources of terror financing

Sheikh Hasina reiterated her government's stance that there would be no place for terrorism and militancy on Bangladesh soil. "We're firm in this regard," she said.

Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has underscored the need for identifying the sources of terror financing and causes of militancy and terrorism to effectively root out these menaces from human civilisation.
“We never allow anybody to generate any evil act like using Bangladesh land as was seen in previous regimes. We’ll continue to remain as a nation of peace guided by pluralism, secularism and the spirit of Liberation War,” she said.
The prime minister was addressing the graduation ceremony of the National Defence Course and Armed Forces War Course 2016 at Sheikh Hasina Complex of Mirpur Cantonment in Dhaka on Tuesday.
Sheikh Hasina reiterated her government’s stance that there would be no place for terrorism and militancy on Bangladesh soil. “We’re firm in this regard,” she said.
Noting that the Armed Forces have been able to gain the trust and confidence of common people, she said her government has ensured supply of modern equipment with newer technology to modernise it while required number of infrastructures constructed to provide highest standard training. “We’ve been working relentlessly to establish professional and trained Armed Forces.”
The prime minister said she was pleased to know that during the one-year hectic and challenging National Defence Course and Armed Forces War Course, the participants have learned different aspects of state craft, including socio-political culture, economy, international relations and national security.
She  said Bangladesh is playing a major role in promoting regional integration as its geo-strategic location made it an important ‘actor’ in the global politics.
“We’re developing inter-state relations based on our foreign policy. Our strategy and policy have proven to be effective in human development and economic empowerment of the people in general. However, there remain serious challenges in ensuring continuing growth and development,” she said expressing her belief that the graduates with the acquired knowledge from respective courses will be better prepared to tackle these challenges.
Reminding the graduates that the developing countries have to remain prepared to face unexpected challenges originating from the ever-changing environment of the 21st century, she said it is a must that they build increasing economic relations among themselves to diversify and strengthen their economies.
Hoping that the foreign graduates are satisfied with the traditional Bangladeshi hospitality, the prime minister said their empathy and appreciation for Bangladesh will create them as Bangladesh’s valuable ambassadors in their respective countries.
She said her government has ensured that the Armed Forces have access to latest technologies and equipment as adequate training facilities have been established and made operational.
Hasina recalled the Armed Forces’ integrity, commitment and diligence to help the people in times of natural calamities and disasters and strategic infrastructure projects implemented by them at very high standards both at home and abroad.
Mentioning that graduates from this institution have become cabinet secretary, chiefs of services or chief of police, successful businessmen, media personalities and professors while MPs are showing interest to participate in the NDC Capstone Course, she underscored the need for maintaining its standard and continuing its development, assuring full support in this regard.
A total of 52 persons from Bangladesh Army, Navy, Air Force, administration, police and foreign service took part in this year’s NDC Course. Besides, 26 members from 12 friendly countries participated in the course.
This year, the Armed Forces War Course comprised of 25 Lieutenant Colonels from Bangladesh Army, one Captain and four Commanders from Bangladesh Navy and two Group Captains and three Wing Commanders from Bangladesh Air Force.
Chiefs of Bangladesh Army, Navy and Air Force, commandant, members of the faculty, Graduating Course members of National Defence Course and Armed Forces War Course 2016 were present.
Commandant of the National Defence College Lt Gen Chowdhury Hasan Sarwardy delivered the welcome speech. Earlier, the prime minister distributed certificates among the graduates of NDC and AFWC 2016



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