Francois Hollander says Donald Trump win could boost RightWing worldwide

'People feel nauseous': French president launches extraordinary attack on Trump and warns of 'consequences' if he wins the White House - after Obama brands him 'unfit for office'

  • Francoise Hollande said Donald Trump made people 'feel nauseous' 
  • Hollande also claimed a Trump victory could affect the French presidential election in 2017 by shifting politics around the world
  • Socialist president singled out Trump's  attack on the family of Captain Humayun Khan, who was killed in action in Iraq
  • Capt Khan's father spoke against Trump at Democratic National Convention and trump retaliated by questioning his mother's silence
  • Ghazala, his mother latest cried on television at Trump's comments, while father, Khizr, said Republican candidate had a 'dark heart'
  • Obama said the row proved Trump was 'unfit' to be president - prompting the Republican to angrily denounce his 'failed leadership' 
  • Obama said Trump did not have 'basic knowledge around critical issues, in Europe, in the Middle East, in Asia' 

French President Francois Hollande said on Tuesday a victory by U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump could make politics more conservative around the world and said the real estate magnate made people 'feel nauseous'.

A Trump victory in November could also affect France's presidential election in the spring of 2017, said Hollande, who has not yet announced if he will seek re-election.

'If the Americans choose Trump, that will have consequences, because an American election is a world election,' the Socialist leader told journalists.

The intervention by a world leader over the Capt Khan row  came as President Barack Obama on Tuesday called Trump 'unfit' to become president.

'Yes. I think the Republican nominee is unfit to serve as president,' Obama said at a news conference, 'I said so last week and he keeps on proving it.' 

Trump hit back claiming Obama, supported by Hillary Clinton in her time as Secretary of State, had 'destabilized the Middle East, handed Iraq, Libya and Syria to ISIS, and allowed our personnel to be slaughtered at Benghazi.'



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