Far-right French politician Marion Le Pen endorses Trump: He's lessharmful than Clinton

Marion Le Pen has championed Trump to lead America 
The rising star of France’s far-right party Front National (FN) wrote on Twitter: “Donald Trump is a less harmful candidate than Hillary Clinton.”
She has also said that the Republican candidate Mr Trump “responds to people’s hopes”. 
The leader of the FN, Marine Le Pen, has said that she would vote for the billionaire if she was American and eligible to vote in the upcoming elections. 
Marine Le PenGETTY
Leader of the FB, Marine Le Pen has also said she would support Trump
Donald Trump is a less harmful candidate than Hilary Clinton
Marion Le Pen
Marine said Mrs Clinton represented America’s harm in the world in terms of business models and international relations. 
Whereas, she has praised Mr Trump and where he stands with regards to Wall Street markets and financial lobbies. 
She also applauded Mr Trump’s showmanship and that he is a “free man”.
The former leader of the Front National and Marion's grandfather, Jean-Marie Le Pen, has also said that he would vote for the business tycoon Mr Trump. 
Donald TrumpGETTY
Trump will go head to head with Clinton in the elections in November
He described Mr Clinton as being a “dubious” candidate. 
He tweeted: “If I were America, I’d vote Donald Trump….but God bless him.”
Today President Barack Obama said that Mr Trump is unfit to be President. 
Jean Marie Le PenGetty
Jean-Marie Le Pen has also said he would vote for Trump
Marine has in the past been compared to Mr Trump over their shared views on immigration, climate change, Christian values and patriotism.
A New Yorker headline in December 2015 declared that “Donald Trump is now America’s Marine Le Pen”. 
Her niece Marion recently called on France to scrap the controversial Schengen agreement as her country wages a "war against radical Islam". 
Mrs Clinton will go head-to-head with Mr Trump in the American elections this November.

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Source http://www.express.co.uk/news/world/695971/Marion-Le-Pen-Front-National-endorses-Trump


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