US police arrests hundreds more protesters

Hundreds of American demonstrators have been arrested as nationwide protests over police brutality towards minorities continue.
Police detained some 102 protesters in Saint Paul, Minnesota, on Sunday, while around 100 more people were taken into custody during demonstrations in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
The protesters were outraged by recent police killings of two unarmed African American men that further fueled racial tensions in the country.
On Tuesday, 37-year-old Alton Sterling was fatally shot by police in the southeastern city of Baton Rouge and  32-year-old Philando Castile was shot dead Wednesday by a police officer near St. Paul.
In St. Paul police accused the demonstrators of throwing molotov cocktails and damaging public property.

Two protesters are arrested on a highway embankment in St. Paul, Minnesota, July 9, 2016.

According to local media, law enforcement officers threatened protesters to  with heavy crackdown unless they ended their protests.
Some officers were heard telling people to disperse “or you'll be subject to a use of force.”
According to police reports, Sunday's protests turned into violence at some point when 21 officers from multiple agencies were injured..
The protests also took place on Saturday, when protesters in both cities were met by police in riot gear.
Meanwhile in Baton Rouge, hundreds of protesters continued demonstrations over Sterling’s death with some wearing T-shirts with “Black Lives Matter” and “I can't keep calm, I have a black son” written on them.
On Saturday night alone, police said 101 people were arrested in multiple rallies, with prominent "Black Lives Matter" activist DeRay McKesson among them.
A radio station also confirmed that one of its reporters was arrested in the protests.
Rallies were also held in San Francisco, California, where several hundred protesters blocked a number of roads leading to the Bay Bridge.
Fresno, was another city at California’s heart that saw widespread protests against police brutality.
Hundreds of people Chicago also took to the streets in solidarity with the victims. Similar protests were held in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, New York and Washington.
The killings of Sterling and Castile renewed scrutiny of the use of deadly police force on African-Americans.
Police in the United States killed over 1,150 people in 2015, of which at least 321 were African Americans, according to data compiled by an activist group that runs the Mapping Police Violence project.



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