Muslim doctor in US shot twice near mosque

HOUSTON: A Muslim doctor in the US was on Sunday shot at twice by some unidentified assailants here while he was on his way to a Mosque for offering morning prayers.

After parking his car, the victim was waylaid by three suspects. One of the assailants whipped out his gun and shot the doctor near the Mosque, authorities said.

According to Houston Police Department, the man was shot twice and was rushed to a nearby hospital. His condition was not immediately known.

Police have launched an investigation and prima facie, they suspect it to be an attempted robbery, and not a hate crime.

Mosque spokesperson Mohammed Imaduddin said that the victim was ambushed by three persons.

Police said there is no indication that the attack was a hate crime, but its proximity to the Mosque has made some people worried.

The incident comes a day after another Muslim man was beaten outside of a Mosque in Florida.

Though Houston Police said that the incident appeared to be a robbery attempt and not a hate crime, violence and threats against Muslims have increased in the months since the terror attacks in Paris and San Bernardino.


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