KUNA : Al-Assad: Army can retake Syria in "few months"

- Politics - 14/07/2016

WASHINGTON, July 14 (KUNA) -- Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad claimed that his army could retake the country in "a few months" but that "supporters of terrorists" aim to prolong the war.
In an interview with NBC News released on Thursday, he accused the West, including the United States, who are involved in airstrikes against the so-called Islamic State inside Syria, of not respecting international law, the UN charter or the sovereignty of Syria. Al-Assad, however, praised Russia's intervention in Syria, saying its "support of the Syrian army has tipped the scale against the terrorists." Russia, along with Iran and China have all contributed, he said, but each "in its own way" whether "political, military or economic - all those countries supported Syria," he said.
Moscow shares "common interests" and "common values" with Syria, said Al-Assad. "They are fighting the same terrorists they could be fighting in Russia or in Europe, the US or anywhere around the world," he said.
Whether a meeting between US State Secretary John Kerry and Russian officials in Moscow could spell the end for his time in office, Al-Assad said that this decision is a "Syrian issue," which "only the Syrian people can define." He also ruled out that Russia intends to remove him from office as he suggested that "the Russian position is not based on making deals it is based on values." "That's why you don't see achievements between them (Russians) and the Americans because they have different principles," he said.
Al-Assad also rejected US airstrikes against IS which he described as being "not legal" and lacking seriousness while expressing approval of Russia's move on the other hand, which he said has been "invited legally and formally by the government of Syria." (pickup previous).

Source http://www.kuna.net.kw/ArticleDetails.aspx?id=2512145&language=en


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