Is Hyderabad ISIS springboard in India

The 31 year old BBA graduate is considered to be one of the brains behind this module. The NIA said that he was the one who established contact with Shafi Armar the Indian handler in the ISIS. He was an expert in making bombs and had stocked up hydrogen peroxide and acetone

The 32 year old computer science engineer from Kakatiya University, Warangal worked as a system’s administrator in an IT company. He then opened up an internet parlour. He was brought into the module by Fahad who would visit his parlour regularly. Mohammad was the one who had purchased the pistols and also visited Nanded and Ajmer to establish contact with explosive suppliers. He established contact with the same suppliers who had provided material to the Indian Mujahideen.

Hyderabad and the ISIS

September 11 2014: Students numbering 15 picked up in West Bengal. They were allegedly trying to cross over into Bangladesh and later reach Syria. They said that they were trying to join the ISIS.

January 15 2015:
The 32 year old Salman Mohiuddin was arrested from the airport. He was planning on going to Dubai first and later to Syria. He was radicalised by Afsha Jabeen alias Nicky Joseph and had planned on going to Syria with her.

May 3 2015:
Student from Hyderabad, Hafeez joins ISIS but is killed in Syria. He was studying in the US.

September 11 2015:
Afsha Jabeen who originally hailed from Hyderabad was deported from Abu Dhabi. She was accused of recruiting people online.

December 26 2014:
Hyderabad youth Faruqui Hussaini, Abdul Basit and Mohammad Hussain arrested by Maharashtra ATS for trying to join the ISIS.

January 22 2016:
Mohammadn Nafees Khan, Mohammad Shareef and Abu Zarar nabbed by NIA for being part of an ISIS module.



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