How Zakir Naik promotes terror without actually saying the words?

Bengaluru, July 23: The likes of Digvijay Singh say that Dr Zakir Naik preaches peace. However, many do not agree with that view and several countries have banned him since they feel Naik propagates violence.
An investigator may not find a direct link between him and a terrorist outfit but Naik has a way of saying things. He conveys everything without actually saying the words.
He says Osama terrorises America, the biggest terrorist. He also says that suicide bombing is wrong, but some scholars say it can be used during war. Muslims are always at war with the West and other statements. Basically he conveys the point in a way without actually saying the words.
How Zakir Naik does it
Naik's connection to the terrorists may not be a direct one but it is his fiery speeches and strong views that sway many youth, police officials part of the probe say.
He has an knack with words and at first it does not appear that he is supporting terrorism.
However, on deciphering his statements it becomes clear that he basically the says the same thing that a jihadi group would but in a different way. He would say that Osama Bin Laden is the one who terrorises the biggest terrorist America.
On suicide bombings he would say that he is against it but he also says that some approve of it as a war time tactic. In the same breath he would add that Muslims are always at war with the West.
He further goes on to say that Islam is a scientific religion while Hinduism is irrational. He tells Muslims not to wish Christians on Christmas as it would mean accepting Christ. He looks down on Muslim businessmen saying that they convert the Hindus out of fear that they will lose business.
What would the police report say
A report by the Mumbai Police (yet to be filed) will specifically speak about the number of persons that Zakir Naik influenced and in turn took to terrorism.
While one of the Dhaka attackers had posted on his Facebook page that he was influenced by Naik ,of the Islamic Research Foundation, the report by the Mumbai police will also name Mirza Himayat Baig who was convicted in the German Bakery case in Pune.
A probe had been initiated against Naik who is currently away from the country after the Bangladesh police sought one. Naik has been accused of influencing several youth who in turn took a violent path.
His speeches are a hit on the internet and the viewership of his Peace TV is extremely high.
The report would also deal with various aspects regarding Naik. Just a day back one of his aides Arshi Qureshi had been arrested and is now being probed by the Kerala Police. Qureshi is alleged to have introduced a lady by the name Mariam to Naik. She is now suspected to have left for Syria and joined the ISIS along with her husband.
Himayat Baig is another name that would figure in the report. Baig a convict in the Pune German Bakery case had also been influenced by Naik's speeches.
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