Germany train attack LIVE: 17 yr old Afghan attacker injures nearly 20 people, motive unclear

Local news reports say the attacker has been shot down but the police say the operation is still ongoing.

Nearly 20 people have been reportedly injured following an axe attack on a train in Germany, news reports say.

Attacker on German regional train was 17-year old Afghan, motive for axe attack on passengers unclear, says Bavarian Interior Minister.

German police spokesman has confirmed that man attacked passengers with axe on regional train in Bavaria. He could not confirm media reports that the attacker had been shot dead and said the police operation was still ongoing.

Bavarian Interior Ministry, however, confirmed media reports that police had shot and killed the attacker.

The rail line between Würzburg-Heidingsfeld and Ochsenfurt has been closed, the police spokesman said. There was no indication of the motive for the attack.

The BBC reported that local news agency DPA said the police said some of the victims’ injuries were life-threatening.



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