French Police Enter Muslim ‘No-Go Zone.’ Get Viciously Attacked

Make sure you’re in a sitting position as you read this story. So shocked will you be that peaceful, moderate Muslims in France had a bit of an over-reaction to the police entering their “safe spaces,” you might just fall and hit your head. Unlike other sites, we utilize best practices as it applies to noggin-safe blogging. Never say we don’t care for you.

Here’s the video. French police entering Muslim No-Go territory. Behold, peacefulness:

All right, so here’s an important little factoid: this tweet with the video was posted on June 2nd, 2016. Therefore, according to the lofty rules of math, it’s been well over a month since this video was posted. What has happened between June 2nd and now? Spoiler alert, this is not a trick question. Don’t think too hard.


The Nice “truck attack” happened in France. There’s also been an axe attack and a mass shooting in Germany between June 2nd and now, but that’s Germany. Different European country, sure, but same head-in-the-sand policy about Islam.

It brings me no pleasure to write this, but I fear France’s overly-buttered goose is cooked. Their immigration policies have doomed them to a possibly long, drawn out string of terror. We’re seeing it happen far too often, with apparently no pushback.

Further, look at the view of this video. Who’s holding the camera? Who uploaded the video to the internet? Not the police, but one of the angry peaceful mob. One of the angry peaceful Muslim mob. At least two police cars entered the area. At least two police cars were driven out. Because the mob of Muslims were so peaceful, the police decided it was unsafe. Then did a bunk and high-tailed it out of there.

French police entered what should be a French neighborhood. They should have been able to, you know, police? Instead, they were bullied out of there by a mob of angry peaceful Muslims.

If you cannot show strength to the enemy, they’ll exploit your weakness. In France they already have. The person who recorded the video and subsequently uploaded it to the internet, is well aware of who has the upper hand here. But what’s tragic is the lack of resistance from a government, exposing its people. Where is the resistance? The scary thing here is that if it doesn’t come from the government, it’s going to come from a bunch of pissed off, wine-fueled, French citizens. Then the country could truly descend into mob rule. Like Gangs of New Yorkbut with birkas and baguettes.

By the way, still think this is an outlier? That most Islamists are peaceful? Watch and learn…



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