Eliminating extremism!

Hussein Shobokshi
Hussein Shobokshi
When the Nazis fell and Adolf Hitler was defeated at the end of World War II, Germany revolted against all remnants of the regime and decided to move away from the dark chapter with an exhaustive and in-depth review of how the Nazi ideology came into existence in the country.
After a deep and objective look with utmost seriousness, Germans discovered that the first thing they needed to do was to diagnose the disease in order to find “solutions”. It was clear to them that they must eradicate the “roots” of the Nazi ideology. They then began with a very aggressive campaign to root out all traces of the Nazi ideology (direct and indirect) — everything that has to do with heritage, culture, politics and art in Germany.
They began reviewing all the products of Goethe, Nietzsche and Kant minutely, fearing their impact on others and carried out a drive to eliminate extremism and the Nazi remnants. They even penetrated into the musical heritage and prevented people from listening to the music of the famous German author and composer Wilhelm Richard Wagner, who Adolf Hitler was fond of listening to, as they feared that people might get intellectually influenced by extremist ideas.
Germany realized it before the crucial confrontation it had to face, the decision of getting rid of Nazi ideas, to be taken seriously or not. Therefore, the seriousness and gravity of the matter was necessary for Germany to face the thorny issues against the strong opposition from the Nazi remnants.
This is exactly the dilemma facing the Islamic world today. Emperors of extremism and militancy have used several pages of books over the years to justify, legitimize and harden their attitudes and their actions and therefore their crimes.
Today, repeated scenes of assassinations and terrorist acts by organizations of death and destruction — the Al-Qaeda, Hezbollah and Daesh (the self-proclaimed Islamic State) — who kill and destroy, and who build their base on fatwas and opinions used as references from the existing heritage in important books “for the top leaders”. As long as we deal with them with kid gloves, results will not be concrete, useful, effective and encouraging.
We must be fully aware that the world today is no longer “convinced” that we have done enough to eradicate the terrorist ideology in our heritage. The journey is still a long way to go. The conviction should be that we should not be doing that to satisfy the West but for the protection of the Islamic religion and Muslim communities because they are the biggest victims of that.
The issue is very important and dangerous as well. Even in the holy month of Ramadan the terrorist groups did not stop the bloodshed in almost every major Muslim country. The measures applied for eliminating extremism and the results achieved are not very convincing. As long as the complete cleansing is not done, there will be no end to the series of slaughter. Even during this festive season there is fear and tears in the eyes of every Muslim witnessing the scenes of murder, massacre and mayhem.


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