Cumbrian MEP says Brexit vote has bolstered far-right and racism in the UK

A Cumbrian Euro MP has suggested the success of the Brexit campaign has emboldened racists and far-wing activists.
West Cumbria based Julie Ward – one of the 73 UK Members of the European Parliament who are due to lose their jobs – has spoken of "the harmful impact" on young people an EU exit.
In a statement today, she points to a post-referendum surge in hate crime and hits out at how the poll excluded many groups, including 16 and 17-year-olds, and British nationals living abroad.
The thrust of the Labour MEP's statement – the first public one since the result was announced last Friday – warns of the “turbulent” and “dangerous” times now facing the UK.
She has spoken also of how the world is now seeing scenes “not unlike the 1930s.”
The MEP said: “The campaign was divisive with the Leave campaign preying on people’s fears, using misinformation, and stirring up hatred in our society.
“The right wing media also played a part in this, amplifying the anti-migrant message. In the run-up to June 23rd we saw an increase in activity from the far right with the appalling murder of Jo Cox MP on June 16th, killed for her political beliefs.
“Since the result was announced on June 24th there has been a sharp increase in racist incidents on the street and online, in our schools and workplaces.
“It seems that the success of the Leave campaign has emboldened racists and the far-right.
“Here in the European Parliament Marine Le Pen of the Front National crowed with delight as she spoke immediately after Nigel Farage on June 27th.”
On the continuing agony of the Labour Party, still convulsed with bitter in-fighting over Jeremy Corbyn's leadership, Mrs Ward said he should stand again for the top job, pointing out that he was given an “overwhelming mandate” by members.
She added: “All parts of the Labour Party must deeply reflect on the referendum campaign, and on the direction, we need to take now.
“The Party must continue to fight for working people, vulnerable people, and young people, whose futures are all at stake after this vote. Austerity has failed the people of Britain and the people of Europe and this referendum result reflects that all too clearly.
“We need an anti-austerity leader backed by clear party policy and grassroots support.”



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