Angela Davis Nails Root of Terror, Racism and Islamophobia

The renowned activist spoke of how the colonial past has left its marks on countries around the world and has caused many of the world’s problems today.
The cause of the terrorism and racial problems across the globe are the product of the colonial past, renowned U.S. activist and author, Angela Davis told Prensa Latina in an interview Monday.

Commenting on the latest attack in Nice, Davis said such terror attacks could not be seen without highlighting France’s failure to integrate immigrants of past colonies.

"I am very attached to France and I understand that there are difficulties from the colonial past and that immigrants have not been well assimilated into society over the years. And that would produce racism and hate,” Davis said from the Chilean capital Santiago where she is attending a seminar sponsored by the University of Chile.

She added that centuries of colonialism have left its marks on many countries around the world including Chile, where the Indigenous Mapuches still suffer from colonial consequences.

"The colonial past of our world also produced Islamophobia, discrimination against certain races and women," she added.

The university professor and member of the Communist Party USA also argued that there is hypocrisy in how media covers acts of terrorism and violence in the world.

"What happens in Europe or the developed countries gets more coverage and attention than the rest,” she said, adding that there was no real deep analysis of why these actions are happening in Europe, which according to her could be traced back to the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq in 2003.

Regarding the shootings of Black people in the U.S. and the killings of police, Davis stressed that the U.S. civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr. had called for peace and the end of wars and social conflicts.

Davis further added that the killings of police officers can not be seen as part of the movement against police shootings of Black people “because among those officers killed were Blacks and also those who carried out the attacks against the police are army veterans who felt excluded from society and could not fit in.”



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