UK terror suspect’s car abandoned 1 year ago found parked at Rome airport

A car belonging to a man who had long-since been on the UK terror list has been discovered outside of Rome airport a year after the suspect reportedly parked and abandoned it there before fleeing with his family to Syria.
A yellow Seat Alhambra with a British license plates was left for over a year at Rome’s Fiumicino airport parking-lot before suspicions started to be vocalized, La Republica reported. 

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Although police found nothing suspicious in the vehicle, the investigation showed that the car belonged to a 37-year-old British national who is believed to have joined an international terror group in Syria. The name of the man who was of Sri Lankan origin has not been released.
According, to La Republica, the suspect fled to Syria with all of his family and was put on the terror list a couple of months after that. Yet his car which was abandoned at the airport in May of last year failed to draw authorities’ attention until this week.


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