Terrorists in Syria to sneak US arms into Europe: Commentator

Press TV has interviewed Redwan Rizk, a political commentator in Beirut, about a new report revealing that weapons, provided by the US spy agency CIA and the Saudi regime for militants fighting the Syrian government, have been sold on black market in Jordan.
A rough transcription of the interview appears below.

Press TV: What are the repercussions and ramifications of this article?
Rizk: Well I believe that The New York Times has very solid information as we understood because we know inevitably with no doubt that the groups or the so-called Takfiri groups and most of the so-called oppositions, not only in Jordan, in many places elsewhere -- but now particularly we are talking about Jordan -- that most of the arms that they have received from Saudi Arabia and America ended up in the hands of the black market and then it is being sold everywhere.
So what is most terrifying is that some of those arms could end up in some terrorist groups’ hands, also more radicals than the ones who are dealing with the government and that could be sneaked into Europe even.
So this is something that the allies must understand that those so-called rebels, they are nothing but gangs and they are willing to do anything. For them the war, it is becoming a very good business, so they don’t fight for a cause, they do not have principles, they do not have values, they are bunch of murderers that they are traffickers, dealers in all [banned] things – drugs, arms, even human parts.
So this is something that the world must reconsider and differentiate who are the rebels, who are the freedom fighters, and who are the insurgents or those so-called “rebels” are nothing but bunches of gangs, of murderers who are going to hurt the world more ... and especially if we understand that they have attacked the Jordanian army itself which is being a supportive part to them in the past five years and the information that they handed them the [car] which they have used the same [car] by the Jordanian government to attack the Jordanian army itself.
Now what we are seeing in Lebanon and what we are seeing in Syria or in Iraq, that is the world must realize and must wake up that they should reconsider their sides, they should reconsider what to do, how to deal with those gangs and they are putting the whole world on top of a volcano and this could ignite many, many wars all over the world and they are hurting and causing more and more deaths, more and more of destruction to many countries, they have destroyed societies, the whole society itself, because we have so many examples which [were] happening around the world, what’s happened in Europe, what is happening here.
So the Europeans, the Americans and even the Arabs, the so-called Saudi Arabia must understand that they cannot continue this way. It is now very clear that they are deeply involved in this and they are causing thousands of deaths , millions of displaced people and their hands [are] stuck into the blood and they have joined the murderers’ side and they are the ones who are doing this to the world, they are the murderers now because as we know Wahhabism, it is the ideology which they are relying on and that the people from Turkey also are sneaking into Syria, those two governments plus Israel which is providing this shelter to the gangs in Golan Heights, those countries now are leading the world into the unknown.
So they are causing some sort of massacres and total destruction to countries and this should be listed under a crime of war and they must be treated like this by the United Nations or by at least Russia and the United States. They must be listed, they must be brought to justice, they must be questioned why they are doing this to the world and what [are] the reasons behind it.
Source: http://www.presstv.ir/Detail/2016/06/27/472447/US-Saudi-Arabia-Jordan-Syria-weapon-war-terrorists


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