Saudis kill 25 in ‘friendly fire’ in Yemen

Saudi Arabian fighter jets have “mistakenly” killed 25 troops loyal to Yemen’s Saudi-backed former president in the impoverished country’s northwest.
The fatalities were caused in the al-Maton district of Yemen’s al-Jawf Province on Saturday. The purportedly misdirected fire also injured 15 others loyal to Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi, who has resigned as Yemen’s president, Saba’ Net agency reported.
The attack also destroyed three military facilities.
Saudi Arabia launched its military aggression against Yemen in March 2015 in a bid to reinstate Hadi. More than 9,400 people have been killed and at least 16,000 others injured in the aggression.
Houthi Ansarullah fighters and allied army factions have been defending Yemen both against the deadly Saudi invasion and al-Qaeda militants.
In a separate incident, Ansarullah fighters gained more ground against Saudi mercenaries in the country’s southwestern Lahij Province.
The fighters gained control over an area south of the province’s al-Qabbaytah district during their advance toward the al-Anad military base, which is under the control of Saudi mercenaries.
Nasr al-Radfani, the head of Hadi loyalists, said the Houthis were now only five kilometers (three miles) from the outpost.



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