Radical Islam vs. Violent Extremism: What Obama Misses

Once again, we find ourselves trapped in a political game trying to pin down causation. As such, we thrust ourselves headfirst into a false dichotomy. With the Orlando mass slaughter, either we have an act of terrorism or a hate crime. Other times we either have acts of terror or workplace violence, such as the Fort Hood shooting. In tandem with classifying the incident, we also seek to uncover the main driver for the action. Too often, we seek out evidence that fits our preconceived perspective. We retreat to our ideological corners, cherry-picking factoids and anecdotes that support the argument we want to make.
In Orlando, we want to figure out what drove Omar Mateen more: his hatred for homosexuals or the allure of radical Islam? News flash—in some mass killings, multiple causal ingredients mix together to result in tragedy, one that a binary choice cannot adequately grasp. In our most recent example, we have a lone-wolf ISIS-inspired terrorist that specifically targeted homosexuals.

Source http://nationalinterest.org/feature/radical-islam-vs-violent-extremism-what-obama-misses-16656


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