Neo-Nazis and far-right extremists are hijacking Vote Leave

Neo-Nazis and far-right extremists are hijacking Vote Leave

Far-right extremists with racist views have been accused of hijacking the campaign for Britain to leave the EU.
Neo-Nazis, former members of the English Defence League and British National Party are among those who have been pictured campaigning for Brexit.
Vote Leave has detached itself from the activists – some of whom have been pictured distributing the campaign’s leaflets.
A spokesman for Vote Leave told the Mail on Sunday: ‘Unfortunately there is little we can do about undesirable characters buying our merchandise and distributing it. We do not want to be associated in any way with such people.’
The newspaper reports that controversial Brexit supporters include senior BNP official Mark Collett and his girlfriend Eva Van Housen – whose tattoos include a swastika on her chest and an Adolf Hitler quote.
Pic shows: Eva Van Housen, who has a swastika tattooed on her chest, have been distributing leaflets by Vote Leave, the main pro-Brexit group. She was seen handing out the leafelets in Leeds, with boyfriend senior BNP official Mark Collett Collett, a former chairman of the BNP youth wing, handed out the material from a stall with Ms Van Housen, whose tattoos also include a quote from Adolf Hitler. Collett was subject of TV documentary ñ Young, Nazi And Proud Picture by Pixel8000 07917221968
The couple have been distributing Vote Leave leaflets (Picture: Pixel8000)
Mr Collett was the subject of a TV documentary, ‘Young, Nazi and Proud’.
In it, he said Aids was a ‘friendly disease’ because of its association with black and gay people.
Outspoken Ms Van Housen has posted images of Hitler on social media with the caption ‘#hitlerwasright’.
The couple have handed out material published by Vote Leave – and though the group has asked them to stop, their plea has been ignored.
Andrew Edge, a prominent member of the EDL who was jailed for attacking police, is another controversial Brexit-backer.
**INTERNET GRABS FROM OPEN TWITTER ACCOUNT FOR MOS PICTURE DESK**..Leave extremists story..Andrew Edge EDL/Pegida supporter ..ORIGINAL POST CAPTION READS:..Gangsters Ronnie and Reggie Kray might be dead. But that hasn't stopped Andrew Edge canvassing their support #Brexit
Andrew Edge went to the Krays’ graves to show off his support for Brexit (Picture: Twitter)
One image shows him posing with a banner at the gravestone of notorious gang leaders the Kray twins.

Other controversial Brexit-backers

Richard Edmonds, a former BNP national organiser who was once jailed for attacking a black man and his white girlfriend after shouting racist terms at them.
Graham Williamson, Nick Griffin’s former deputy, who left the BNP for a think-tank influenced by Italian neo-fascist Roberto Fiore
Christopher Knight, who is linked to Blood and Honour, a racist organisation that staged a Hitler bus tour from Hungary to Austria last year.
**IMAGE SUPPLIEDF TO MOS PICTURE DESK BY REPORTER MICHAEL POWELL**..Leave extremists story..National Front activists pose with Vote Leave sign in Croydon, Surrey. Pictured centre (fourth from left) is veteran fascist Richard Edmonds, To the left of Edmonds is Tony Martin, the SW London National Front organiser. To the right of Edmonds is John Tyler, who teaches English language lessons to foreign students at BSGC Whitechapel School of English. Pictured far right (really) is Kevin Layzell, 21, a former leading figure in the youth wing of the BNP..
Vote Leave supporters in this image include Richard Edmonds (third from right) and former leading figure in the BNP youth wing Kevin Layzell (far right)
Christopher Knight (centre, in sunglasses) campaigning for Brexit (Picture: Facebook)
White supremacist internet forums are also ugly supporters of Brexit.
Stormfront, set up by a former Ku Klux Klan leader, urges subscribers to leaflet for an ‘Out’ vote.
One member, who chose Hitler as his profile profile, wrote ‘leaving the EU should be a given to any white native of Britain’.



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