Muslim Man Approaches And Repeatedly Stabs Random French Teen Girl InPublic, Says He Did It Because She Was A ‘Human Sacrifice For Ramadan’

Remember that just like when Muslims blow themselves up on buses filled with schoolchildren in the West Bank or slit the throats of captured journalists on video, Islam is a barbaric religion that preserves the ancient pagan tradition of ritual human sacrifice, except this time it is for Allah and his “prophet.” Thankfully, the young woman survived the attack:
It is understood the man, 32, stabbed the girl twice in the wrist and once in the abdomen at 4pm in Rennes, western France.
According to local media he attacked her while she was waiting for a bus outside the city’s Lycee Chateaubriand, where she is said to be a first-year preparatory student.
‘Voices told him that he had to make a sacrifice on the occasion of Ramadan,’ prosecutor Nicolas Jacquet told AFP. Ramadan is the holy Muslim fasting month that began on June 6.
Mr Jawuet added that the man had been in and out of psychiatric wards several times.
An investigation has been opened into attempted murder.


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