More than 2 dozen Afghan police graduates killed in attack

KABUL, Afghanistan — Twin bombings on the outskirts of Kabul killed at least 30 police graduates Thursday and wounded 58 others, the Interior Ministry said.
The police were traveling from a training center in Wardak province toward Kabul when their convoy was attacked in Paghman district, about 12 miles from the Afghan capital.
The Taliban said two of their suicide bombers carried out the attack. However, as of Thursday evening, Afghan police said they were still trying to confirm whether either of the explosions was caused by a suicide bomber.
“There were three big buses, and most of the police passengers were harmed by the blasts,” said a police officer in Paghman district who was not authorized to speak with the media. He told Stars and Stripes it appeared at least some of the explosives were placed on the buses.
The Associated Press reported that an initial suicide bomber attacked the police busses, while a second bomber targeted those who arrived at the scene afterward to help. The district governor told the AP that four civilians were killed.
The office of President Ashraf Ghani said an investigation would be launched into how Afghan police are transported.
NATO’s Resolute Support mission, which trains and advises Afghan security forces, condemned the attack.
“The Taliban have once again shown their total disregard for human life. Their increased use of improvised explosive devices are taking a very heavy toll on the Afghan people,” spokesman Brig. Gen. Charles Cleveland said in a statement.
The militant group routinely targets Afghan security forces, government officials and international workers.



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