Istanbul attackers from Russia, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan

Ankara: The three bombers who blew themselves up at Istanbul’s international airport this week were from Russia, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan, a Turkish official said on Thursday.
“We are prepared to confirm the nationalities of the Istanbul attackers as Russia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan,” the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity.
There has been no claim of responsibility for Tuesday’s carnage at Ataturk airport, which left 42 people dead, but the government has pointed the finger of blame at the Islamic State group.
Turkish police on Thursday rounded up 13 suspected IS jihadists in raids at 16 different locations across Istanbul, the official said.
Another nine suspects were detained in the western port city of Izmir, but the official did not confirm whether the arrests were linked to the attack


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