ISIS sadists blow up journalists with own laptop, camera

ISIS thugs have executed journalists by blowing them up with their own laptop and camera -- rigged with explosives.

The latest video from sadistic caliphate purportedly shows five journalists, all executed in different, sickening ways.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, which received a copy of the video, footage shows two executed with knives, another tied to a door and choked with a chain.

One man was tied to the balcony of his own house, then had his own camera, packed with explosives, hung around his neck and detonated.

Another was killed by tying his explosives-loaded laptop to him and detonating it inside his home.

All five were reportedly charged with "acting against the Islamic state, communicating with outside parties and receiving funds, and other charges."

ISIS -- which captured the world's disgust with beheadings and crucifixions as the group began its offensive across Syria and Iraq -- now has a history of inventive, barbaric executions.



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