Iraqi Troops Clear ISIS Mines In Recaptured Areas Of Fallujah

Iraqi Troops Clear ISIS Mines In Recaptured Areas Of Fallujah
raqi security forces sit in military vehicles in the Nuaimiya suburb of Fallujah. (Reuters Photo)
Baghdad:   An Iraqi military official says government forces are clearing mines and explosives left behind by members of the ISIS group in areas recently retaken from the terrorists in the city of Fallujah.

Brig. Haider al-Obeidi told The Associated Press today that operations are still ongoing in Fallujah, with the air force hitting targets in the city including ISIS snipers positioned near the main hospital.

Al-Obedi's comments came a day after Iraqi special forces swept into Fallujah, recapturing most of the city as ISIS's two-year-old grip crumbled after weeks of fighting.

He said troops are advancing toward the hospital cautiously, concerned that militants stationed there may use patients as human shields.

The Fallujah offensive began in late May, and ISIS's defenses in much of the city collapsed abruptly.




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