‘Internet of things’ making London susceptible to terror: GCHQ

Director of the British intelligence and security organization has voiced concerns over cyber-attacks by terrorists against Britain’s major cities like the capital London.
GCHQ director Robert Hannigan made the remarks during a rare public appearance at the Cheltenham Science festival, the telegraph reported Wednesday.
He referred to the so-called “Internet of things,” saying online connection of more physical objects, such as cars and household appliances, makes cities more vulnerable to cyber-terror.
He warned that cyber programs were currently being developed by some states and terrorist groups to attack the UK.
“At some stage they will get the capability,” he said. “There are certainly states and groups with the intent to do it, terrorist groups, for example, who have no threshold when it comes to the loss of life.”
Hannigan also appeared in favor of a surveillance of internet activity by the intelligence services, saying, it had resulted in seven attacks being foiled in the last 18 months.
Source: http://www.presstv.ir/Detail/2016/06/08/469588/uk-terror-attack-gchq-london


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