Hostage horror at Florida gay club as at least 25 shot in rampage by gunman ‘carrying bomb’

The venue’s last Facebook message was posted as the tragedy unfolded: “Everyone get out of pulse and keep running”.
Shocking video footage from the scene shows emergency services treating wounded victims outside the club.
There are reports that the gunman has a bomb and has barricaded himself into the venue and has taken hostages.
WESH reporter Stewart Moore tweeted that more than 20 people had been shot in the frenzied attack.
Police in the city are urging residents to stay clear of the area describing the situation as an “active shooting”.
Moore also tweeted: "#Breaking Bomb dogs and crews are walking the grounds near ORMC."
A police dispatcher told the AFP: "There are injuries. I am not sure if there are any deceased at this time."
This terrifying incident comes 24 hours after singer and US Voice star Christina Grimmie was shot and killed at the city's Plaza live theatre.

Witness Ricardo Negroni, who was at the club when the shooting started, told Sky News that the gunman aimed his gun at the celling sending a shower of glass crashing to the floor.
He said: “At around 2am someone started shooting. People just dropped on the floor.



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