"Germany Referendum? Far-Right Radicals Call For UK-Inspired Vote

Germany’s revered chancellor, Angela Merkel, is reportedly facing increasing calls from her country’s right-wing radicals for a UK-inspired referendum. People in her nation, mostly from the political far right, want “be free of EU slavery” following the UK’s historic vote to exit the EU. Merkel has emerged in the last year as the poster child world leader for globalization as she invited displaced Syrian refugees to resettle in Germany.
Reportedly, an increasingly large percentage of the citizens of Germany are calling for a UK-like referendum as they wish to secure their own sovereignty and independence from the EU.

As the Mirror UK reports, right-wing extremists in Germany want a referendum. And they want it soon. Representatives in “Alternative for Germany” have sworn that they will press for and ultimately force their own referendum in Germany if they are able to wrangle national power in Germany in the autumn’s general election. A spokesperson for the political party in Germany called the EU’s Brussels-based government a “bureaucracy monster.” The spokesperson added that, “Next year the AfD will enter the German parliament and Dexit will be top on our agenda.”
 o-called “Eurosceptism” has moved across Europe in a tidal wave since June 23, when the citizens of Britain unexpectedly and inexplicably voted in favor of the Brexit vote, severing political ties with the EU.
According to Alternative for Germany leader Bjorn Hocke, “the German people want to be free of EU slavery.”
He says that the Alternative for Germany’s suggested German referendum is the only legal option that German citizens can cling to in order to ensure that they get to speak for themselves.
Unfortunately for German citizens who are clinging to the far-right goals of representing German citizens first, the party’s leader has previously called on German law enforcement to shoot at illegal German immigrants.
“This is the chance for a new Europe, one which maintains partnerships and respected national sovereignties. The Great Britain decision to leave the EU is a signal to the Brussels Politburo and its bureaucratic attachments. If the EU does not finally leave its wrong path, and the quasi-socialist experiment of deeper political integration, more European Nations will reclaim their sovereignty the way British are.”
Maybe. But if Germany jumps on the referendum bandwagon, likely the world would bear witness to more exits.
In order to maintain the unity of the EU, many believe that it’s time that the Brussels political bureaucracy should be cut down (if not eliminated entirely) to put an end to the right-wing political aspirations following the EU referendum.
“The time is ripe for a new Europe, a Europe of fatherlands, where we peacefully trade with each other, maintain partnerships and respect the will of the national sovereignties.”
“One can only warn the German government not to fill the missing British net contribution with German tax money and thus continue the political fallacy.”
Unfortunately for German citizens, a German referendum may not be as simple as what was sought and apparently pulled together by the EY.
“The experience of Nazi manipulation of plebiscites has left a dent in the trust of polls on a national scale.”
For Germany and its citizenry, a referendum is only valid if “the constitution itself or the territories of the states making up the republic are to be reformed.”
According to Ralph Kampwirth, Germany is unique among the EU nations.
“Germany is one of the few EU countries with no experience of national referendums.”
“In the Weimar Republic there were two national referendums; during the Nazi reign, three plebiscites were held, with biased questions and blatant manipulation of results.”
What do you think? Should Germany pursue its anti-EU aspirations? Or should Germany work toward its own EY referendum?

Source: http://www.inquisitr.com/3256172/germany-referendum-far-right-radicals-call-for-uk-inspired-vote/


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