Democrats Muhammad Ali vs Republicans DAESH

After analyzing the political and social dynamics of American society, those forecasting the elections always emphasize the exceptional influence of a possible terrorist attack on election results. It is possible to see the radical impact of terrorist attacks on the politics of a particular country from innumerous examples, such as France's shift in foreign policy last year.

After French President François Holland announced that Bashar Assad was oppressing the Syrian people and that the Syrian leader should be withdrawn from political power, DAESH carried out the horrifying Paris attacks. In the aftermath of those attacks, France joined the coalition forces to fight against DAESH, rendering the political deadlock posed by Assad a secondary issue. Such a fundamental change in the policies of the French state brings forth serious questions. Why did DAESH seem to act in an irrational way by becoming a target for France, which adopted a new attitude against the Assad regime? We always need to question the motives behind DAESH terrorist activities.

Muhammad Ali suddenly passed away while commentators spoke about the results of a possible terrorist act on the upcoming presidential elections in the United States. 

Democrats embraced his legacy, not simply as a champion boxer of course, but as a true American hero who was both black and Muslim.

While Democratic Party is supported by liberal business figures, younger generations, immigrants and African-Americans, the Republican Party is backed by those ruling heavy industry and agriculture together along with conservative Christians.

Muhammad Ali's death immediately became the hottest topic in American politics. 

The anti-democratic political discourse of Donald Trump, which attacks immigrants in the U.S. and thus contradicts the most fundamental principles of America, took a knock after Ali's death and reminded everyone of the true spirit of the U.S. 

It is more than ironic that while insulting immigrants in the U.S., Trump was himself born to an immigrant parent.

Trump became helpless in the face of the Democrats' attempts to strengthen their electoral situation with Ali, whose legacy represents American pluralism. While he was relying on an openly racist rhetoric against immigrants and Muslims, the American people were mourning the loss of a black, Muslim, American hero. 

The recent terrorist attack has come to Trump's rescue as the slaughter in Orlando seems connected to DAESH influences and continues to serve as a political key in the international arena.

Since the terrorist attack in Orlando, Trump has begun to spout his usual rhetoric of intolerance and bigotry. What is worse, he criticized President Barack Obama for not putting the blame for the terrorist attack on fundamentalist Islam. Perhaps Trump should be reminded that DAESH fights against neither the Assad regime nor Iran, Assad's principal ally, but rather continues to terrorize Sunni populated lands in favor of Kurds and Shiites.

Contrary to the Democrats embracing American pluralism as symbolized by Ali's unique cultural legacy, Trump holds up the counter-image of DAESH, which misrepresents Islam as the natural enemy of the U.S.

My attempt in this article is not to put forth a conspiracy theory. The latest events in the American political arena lay bare the fact that both Ali's death and the terrorist attack in Orlando have had a greater influence on politics than election campaigns.



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