Can't make the Hijrah, kill the kufars in your country: ISIS tells its fanboys

New Delhi, June 25: Making a further push to stage lone wolf attacks, the ISIS sent out a message to its followers.

"The ones who cannot make the hijrah (migration) stay put in your country and kill the kufars (non believers or non Muslims)." The ISIS has been making a desperate push for lone wolf attacks in US, Canada, India, Britain, US and France.

The message once again is aimed at provoking the youth to stage lone wolf attacks in their respective countries in a bid to create panic. Only a few days back the ISIS had released a list comprising the names of 4,681 civilians of which 285 were Indians.

Attack in your own country:
The ISIS has been making a desperate push to its followers to stage lone wolf attacks. Security experts say that this form of terrorism is becoming extremely popular among terrorist groups as it is cost effective and more often than not misses the eye of the intelligence agencies.

While preparing a kill list, the ISIS which is losing ground heavily in Syria and Iraq has told its foreign fighters to leave for their home nations. This is a worrisome sign since this is largely aimed at creating panic across the world or what one may term as the global outreach programme of the ISIS.

In the past month, the ISIS has already created two kill lists. While the first list comprised known persons, the second one had names of civilians picked randomly. Following the release of the civilian kill list, intelligence agencies have already started contacting these persons and have advised them not to panic.

The latest message which urges the ISIS fan boys to stay on in their own countries is also another way of promoting terror attacks. It calls on the people who cannot make it to Iraq or Syria to kill the non Muslims in their own country.

An intelligence bureau official tells OneIndia that while this is a cause for concern, one also view the desperation of the ISIS. We have enhanced our intelligence capabilities and are in constant touch with the state units to ensure that vital information is shared the officers also noted.

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