Boris Johnson claims only Brexit can 'spike the guns of extremists' inwake of Jo Cox's murder

The top Tory claimed: "You can only spike the guns of the extremists and the people who are genuinely anti-immigrant if you take back control"

Boris Johnson has claimed Brexit is the only way to "spike the guns of the extremists" in an interview days after Jo Cox was shot dead.
The top Tory's remarks come as other politicians condemned far-Right politics in a call for Remain after the man suspected of the MP's murder said his name was "death to traitors, freedom for Britain".
Today Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn warned extreme right politics "have been allowed to grasp the agenda" in the EU referendum as Remain support surged in the wake of the killing.
But Mr Johnson insisted it was a Leave vote on Thursday that would "spike the guns" of extremists.
The phrase, a hundreds of years old reference to sabotaging enemy cannons, appears an unusual choice given the way Remain-backing Mrs Cox died.
Mr Johnson told the Sun on Sunday: "I don’t like the far-Right parties that you see coming up across Europe. I am a very moderate liberal Conservative but I think that the problem with immigration is that politicians have promised they can control it when legally they can’t because we are in the EU.

Labour MP Jo CoxPA 
Murdered Labour MP Jo Cox was a strong supporter of a Remain vote 

"You can only spike the guns of the extremists and the people who are genuinely anti-immigrant if you take back control."
His comments came as Remain campaigners hit back against 'Far Right' rhetoric - and then picked out Ukip leader Nigel Farage for particular criticism.
Politicians of all parties including George Osborne united to condemn a "vile" poster unveiled by Mr Farage hours before the MP's death.
The poster, which resembled a still from a Nazi propaganda film,showed a queue of people walking to a refugee camp on the border of Slovenia and Croatia with the caption "BREAKING POINT".
Jeremy Corbyn told The Andrew Marr show: "The far right have been allowed to grasp the agenda - Farage puts up that appalling poster that has a picture of desperate people fleeing from war."

Nigel Farage's campaign poster was compared to Nazi propaganda (top left) 

George Osborne accused Mr Farage of "whipping up division, making baseless assertions that millions of people are going to come into the country in the next couple of years from Turkey or saying dead bodies are going to wash up on the beaches of Kent".
And he condemned "that disgusting and vile poster Nigel Farage did which had echoes of literature used in the 1930s."
David Cameron wrote in the Sunday Telegraph: "We are going to have to make a defining decision on Thursday: are we going to choose Nigel Farage’s vision – one which takes Britain backwards; divides rather than unites; and questions the motives of anyone who takes a different view.
"Or will we, instead, choose the tolerant, liberal Britain; a country that doesn’t blame its problems on other groups of people; one that doesn’t pine for the past, but looks to the future with hope, optimism and confidence?"

Politicians unite to condemn vile Farage poster
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Politicians unite to condemn vile Farage poster

Asked if he stirs up hatred Mr Farage said: "I think I'm a politician who's been a victim of it to be honest with you.
"When you challenge the establishment in this country they come after you, they call you all sorts of things.
"All we have said in this referendum campaign is we want to take back control of our lives, take back control of our borders and put in place a responsible immigration policy."
The Ukip leader added Mrs Cox's murder, which saw him lay flowers in Parliament Square, was a "terrorist attack" that appeared to involve mental health issues too.


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