Why were alleged ISIS operatives looking for car thieves in India?

 New Delhi, Feb 2: Investigations that are being conducted into the alleged ISIS module that has been busted in India has found that there was a plan to carry out attacks using military vehicles. During the probe it was found that the youth had drawn out a plan to steal military vehicles and then use it to carry out attacks. 
The plot appears to be very similar to the one that was busted almost 8 years back in Karnataka. In that plot it had been found that some members of the Students Islamic Movement of India had stolen vehicles in Northern Karnataka. 

They wanted to plant bombs in these vehicles and park them at a beach in Goa with an intention of triggering off a series of blasts. 

Finding a car thief 

These alleged operatives were believed to be in touch with car thieves in both Maharashtra and Goa. They wanted to rope these men in so that they could help steal military vehicles, investigations have found. 
The military vehicle was meant to be used to carry out attacks both in Goa and Maharashtra. The use of a military vehicle would have generated less heat. Further it has also been found that there was a money trail of Rs 1.5 lakh which was meant to be used to rent houses in Goa. It was found that one Mohsin Sayeed and Khalid were given the money and told to rent out houses in Goa. The intention was to plan attacks in Goa and target foreigners in particular, the probe has also found.

Source http://www.oneindia.com/india/why-were-alleged-isis-operatives-looking-for-car-thieves-in-india-2000428.html


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