Unbelievable! ISIS militants try to flee Ramadi by shaving beards, dressing up as women!

Baghdad: If true, this speaks a lot about Islamic State fighters.
Faced with an onslaught from the Iraqi army in the city of Ramadi, a group of ISIS jihadists tried to flee the fallen city after shaving their beards and dressing up in women's outfits.
That, however, could not save them and the terrorists were arrested by the Iraqi army.
"The terrorists had shaved their beards and dressed as women in a bid to fool our forces and escape the liberated city of Ramadi. However, they were all arrested before escaping the city," the Iraqi security command was quoted as saying by ARA News.
Ramadi was retaken from the ISIS by the Iraqi army on Tuesday – it is the capital of Anbar province.
"Our forces have pushed Daesh (ISIS) militants out of the city's outskirts. Ramadi is now under the full control of the army," Iraqi central command said.
"The militants who remained in the city are now trying to escape at any cost in order to avoid falling in the hands of the government forces," a source said.
"At least nine ISIS jihadis were detained on Wednesday while trying to flee the security checkpoints of the Iraqi forces in Ramadi suburb. They were all dressed as women," the source added.
Source: http://zeenews.india.com/news/world/unbelievable-isis-militants-try-to-flee-ramadi-by-shaving-beards-dressing-up-as-women_1855719.html


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