Seventeen arrested in counterterrorism operation in southern Turkey

Seventeen of total 29 suspect detained following operation conducted in Antalya in a series of incidents such as tire-burning, grinding, auto arson, throwing Molotov cocktails

As many as 17 suspects in the southern province of Antalya have been arrested for suspected links with the terrorist Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) organization while other 12 suspects were released including 11 released with judicial control condition.

The arrests followed a counterterrorism operation conducted by Antalya police in a series of incidents such as tire-burning, grinding, auto arson and throwing Molotov cocktails occurred in the Şafak and Güneş neighborhoods of Antalya.

Turkish police previously detained 29 people in Antalya due to their suspected links with the terrorist PKK organization.

The suspects are accused of being members of a terrorist organization, making propaganda, damaging public property and resisting police.

Turkey recently became the target of terrorist groups, particularly PKK and Daesh, due to the determination of its counterterrorism operations.

Turkish security forces have been conducting operations against the PKK in a number of Turkish provinces along with the sweeping operations in the southeastern Turkey.

The PKK is an armed militant group that has been carrying out terror attacks, mostly in southeastern Turkey, for more than 30 years.


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