Pathankot terror attack call record: Your son has killed two kafirs. Islit their throats with a dagger'

At 9:20 am on January 1, Nasir, one of the intruders who attacked the Pathankot airbase, made a phone call from abducted jeweller Rajesh Verma's mobile phone to a Pakistan phone number, +92 3000957212, while hiding inside the airbase. TOI has accessed the full transcript of the chilling 18-minute-long conversation between Nasir and three members of his family — his brother Babar, his uncle and mother. Excerpts: 

Nasir: Shhhhh. assalaam-alaykum. Nasir here. 

Uncle: Wa-alaikum salam. Where are you? Are you safe?

Nasir: I am in another country. Where is mother?

Uncle: Talk to her quickly.

Mother: My son, where have you been? I hope are you alright... 

Nasir: We are inside India. Your son has killed two kafirs. I slit their throats with a dagger. Now we are ready for the big final assault. The other men had got fearful of getting caught. I told them not to fear India.

Mother: Tu jaanbaaz hai. You are a brave man. May Allah help you reach heaven.

Nasir: I am wearing the jacket you stitched for me. Now this will be my shroud as well.

Mother: But how did you manage to reach inside India.

Nasir: We were taken in big SUV cars. Landcruiser dropped us on the border.

Mother: Have you had anything to eat? 

Nasir: Just dry fruits and chocolates. Nothing else.

Mother: But did you kill the kafirs?

Nasir: Now I don't have much time to describe. This is my last conversation. I want you to record this call for future.

Mother: I don't know how to do this.
Nasir: Babar can do it. He knows how to use this feature on the phone 

(The recorder is switched on... Babar takes the call) 

Nasir: Babar. You all must hold a feast when my ustaad (handler) breaks the news of my martyrdom.


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