No matter what, Indian ISIS recruits still clean toilets

Bengaluru, Feb 2: While the Indian Intelligence agencies are trying to confirm whether four Indians were beheaded by the ISIS in Iraq, there is an indication that these men were trying to get away from the group as they were entirely disenchanted.
The four Indians were among the 20 who were said to have been beheaded by the ISIS after they were held guilty for trying to desert the group.
According to preliminary information that has been gathered, there was an incident involving 20 persons attempting to flee from the ISIS. However they were caught by the fighters of the group at Mosul and later sentenced to death by an ISIS court. The confirmation that India is trying to seek is whether the beheading took place or not.
Indians looked down upon:
Our sources tell us that there was such an incident. Currently there are 23 Indians with the ISIS and these four may have been part of the same group.
The information that India is getting goes on to suggest that this group of four was unhappy with the ISIS. They were given menial jobs, looked down upon. Moreover, the ideology as advertised did not impress them on reaching Syria.
This has been the case of several Indians who have joined the ISIS. The only time they get to hold guns and wear a uniform is when they have to pose for picture to be posted on the social media. Although the ISIS does welcome Indians into its fold,it still does not give them important jobs as most of them are not physically fit to fight a gruesome battle.
This has led to several Indians trying to join the outfit without actually having to travel to Iraq or Syria. They feel that they could work in the comfort of their country and use the internet as a jihadi battle field.
It appears as though the ISIS wants Indians in its fold more for the numbers. Moreover, the menial jobs are best handled by the Indians who join the ISIS as was also seen in the case of Areeb Majeed, the Mumbai youth who returned from ISIS territory to India. The case relating to the four youth is very similar. They were completely disenchanted and were trying to flee when they were caught.
The ISIS is very strict when it comes to corruption and desertions. It attempts to impose the strongest punishment so that the message is sent out to the rest.
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