New images show ISIS chopping off 'thief’s' hands

London: ISIS chopped off the right hand of an alleged thief in its de-facto capital city of Raqqa, less than a week after it carried out a similar punishment in the Iraqi city of Mosul.
According to a report in the Daily Mail, the captions of the images say that they show the 'implementation of the punishment of a thief from Raqqa city'.
The images show a man, forced to his knees, with the right hand spread out on table, bandaged around the wrist. A group of 50-60 men and young boys are seen around the ‘thief’ watching the proceedings as his hand is severed using meat cleaver and disposed off in a white plastic bag.
The ISIS follow a strict interpretation of the Sharia where the punishment for theft is chopping off the right hand and is also followed by Saudi Arabia and Iran. 



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