French authorities avert jihadist attack at swingers’ club

Six wannabe jihadists were detained near Lyon, France. According to AFP news agency two of the fundamentalists plotted attacking swingers clubs.
AFP reported that the five men, aged 22-37, and the woman, who is 20, were planning to travel to Syria to join extremist fighting groups in Syria. The wannabe jihadists have been placed in police detention to be questioned on suspicion of terrorism offences.
According to BFM TV, two members of the group had been trying to procure arms because they wanted to attack swingers clubs. Several of the suspects, were known to the police as they had openly expressed their sympathy towards extremists ideology.
According to AFP, during the operation the police recovered useful information on computers and telephones but no weapons were found.
The operation against the suspected jihadists, started in December when the police received the tipoff that some of the people detained were plotting the attacks at swingers club. The suspects were followed and French authorities decided to intervene when the six had bought bus tickets to travel to Syria via Bulgaria and Turkey.
Swingers clubs are commonly known as “clubs échangistes” or “club libertin” in France. There are close to 500 across the country and couples go there to meet other interested couples in exchanging partners for the night. The wannabe jihadists most probably wanted to hit swingers club, because they were against sexual freedom.
After the brutal Paris attacks, French authorities remain on high alert and French public prosecutor François Molins said that more than 1,800 French nationals or residents have either been to fight with jihadist movements, such as the Islamic State armed group, in Syria and Iraq, or have planned or are on their way to do so.


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