Essebsi: We are now resisting a left-wing fiercer than its Islamiccounterpart

Extremism is not a characteristic limited to Islamists, as left-wing extremists are fiercer than the Islamist extremists, Tunisian President Beji Caid Essebsi said.
In an interview with Bahrain’s Al-Wasat newspaper, published today, Essebsi said: “We resisted Islamist extremism and we were successful in this. However extremism is not a characteristic limited to Islamists, as the left-wing extremists are fiercer than their Islamist counterparts and we are now resisting this.”
He talked about the recent events in Tunisia and hinted that left-wing parties were behind it, saying: “We questioned a left-wing extremist, who is a member of the Assembly of the Representatives of the People… In my capacity as president, I will not name names because I am respectful.”
Essebsi stressed that whoever is behind the latest incidents are internal hands, saying: “I know the people behind it and we have carried out investigations, but it would not be wise of me, as president, to name names and enter into new considerations. These individuals are known to the security agency and the judiciary will have its say.”



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