Terror attacks are like organised war: Manohar Parrikar

NEW DELHI: Terror attacks on India are nothing less than an "organised war", Defence minister Manohar Parrikar has said.

In an interview to ETV, the defence minister was asked about the attack on Indian Army personnel in Manipur and the subsequent surgical attack on terror camps along the Indo-Myanmar border and the recent attack on Pathankot air base.

On the first, the minister said: "We definitely destroyed terrorist camps. But we can't reveal the locations due to strategic reasons."

"Definitely we sent the message to terrorists that you can't hit the Indian Army in this manner. You can not do it in organized manner. It's almost an act of war. It was also not less than 26/11," Parrikar said.

At least 18 soldiers were killed and 11 others injured when militants ambushed an army convoy in Manipur's Chandel district on June 4 last year. India soon after launched surgical operations and destroyed at least two terrorists camps, officially maintaining that the camps were along the India-Myanmar border.

"Our aim was to engage them in a small area and we were succeed to eliminate them."

Talking about the Pathankot attack, Parrikar said: "In the Pathankot incident, we trapped them and killed them."

The minister, who had days after the attack said pain must be inflicted on those who hurt India, also clarified on the comment and said it is not a "policy decision".

"...about my lines, I want to make it clear that this is not a policy decision of the government. It was my feeling and as a defence minister it was giving me pain. I expressed what a common man of the country feels. Later on I added a line that when and how the operation will take place we will decide. This is a secret operation. I will not discuss more. But will say that someone can not take it for granted," he said.

Asked about the reports of arrests being made in Pakistan, and whether he was satisfied with it, the minister said: "I think it is like that they are telling as they have to tell us something that such action will not be continued. But with earlier experience I have my own reservation."

On a question if there was a failure on the part of the Army at Pathankot, the minister said: "It will be inquired (into). But the part of success is that they were trapped in a small area."

He also dismissed the claim that Pathankot operation was a "failure".

"...I don't think it's a complete failure as some people want to project it. There is certain section which trying to convert a victory into defeat. It took 38 hours. After that it was combing operation which confirmed that there was no one else."
Source http://m.timesofindia.com/india/Terror-attacks-are-like-organised-war-Manohar-Parrikar/articleshow/50627536.cms


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