Stockholm airport is evacuated after explosive powder is found on luggage during routine security check

  • Traces of explosive powder detected at Stockholm-Skavsta Airport
  • A bomb quad from the Swedish capital is on its way to investigate
  • Airport terminal closed with departure flights affected but not arrivals
  • Police say powder found in bag 'belonging to elderly lady' 
Parts of Sweden's Stockholm-Skavsta Airport were evacuated today after traces of explosive powder were detected on a piece of luggage at the security check, police said.
A bomb squad from Stockholm is on its way to the airport, which is around 60 miles south-west of the capital.
'The baggage and departure halls were evacuated, which has affected departing flights but not arrivals,' police duty officer Roland Lindkvist said. 
Security guards found traces of explosives on luggage at Stockholm-Skavsta Airport, pictured, in Sweden
The terminal was closed for a few hours this afternoon with some departure flights delayed. 
A statement on the airport website said: 'The terminal for departing passengers is closed due to possible indication of suspicious object.
'Bomb squad is on site, and has started their work with the bag. The airport is awaiting clearance from the police to re-open the terminal and resume air traffic.
Check-in has been closed at the airport but arrivals remain unaffected by the situation (file picture)
Check-in has been closed at the airport but arrivals remain unaffected by the situation (file picture)
'Check-in is temporary closed. New information at 1300.' 
Airport officials say they closed the departure lounge at Skavsta Airport and halted outgoing flights.
Spokesman Joakim Lindholm says that parts of the check-in area and baggage hall of the departure terminal were evacuated, delaying at least three flights by more than two hours, while a bomb squad checked the suspect bag. 
Mr Linqvist added: 'The bag in question belongs to an elderly lady and she is cooperating with us. She says she doesn't know how the powder got on her bag.'
Police later said no explosive traces had been found and Skavsta airport was reopened. 
Skavsta Airport is the fifth largest in the country and serves primarily low-cost and cargo carriers, handling around 2.5million passengers a year.


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