Pathankot attack: All 6 terrorists killed; United Jihad Council claimsresponsibility

New Delhi : The United Jihad Council on Monday claimed responsibility of Pathankot attack. The statement was made to a Srinagar based news gathering agency.

According to reports, a spokesperson of United Jihad Council Syed Sadaqat Hussain claimed that Pathankot Air Base attack was carried out by the Kashmiri militants associated with ‘Highway Squad’.

The report read: “By accusing Pakistan for every attack, India neither succeeded in past to malign the Kashmir Freedom Struggle nor will it get anything in future through malicious propaganda," the spokesperson said.

“The attack on Pathankot Air Base from Kashmiri Mujhadeen carries a message to India that no security establishment and garrison are out of reach from militants. Instead of accusing Pakistan, India should read the writing on the wall and without wasting any time should provide an opportunity to the people of Kashmir to decided their future,” the statement read.

Top government sources on Monday informed that both the holed up terrorists have been killed taking the figure to 6 militants involved in Pathankot terror attack.

One of the terrorists holed up in the Pathankot air base and was engaging the security forces is believed to have been killed. Another one's body has been found in very bad condition.

Sources said the neutralised terrorist was one of the two who were hiding in a two-storey building, a living accommodation for the personnel.

Still there is no clarity on the exact number of terrorists involved in the attack and whether the terrorist eliminated today was the fifth or the sixth terrorist to be neutralised since Saturday when the terror attack began.

Meanwhile, Punjab Police also arrested 3 suspected from Punjab. They were arrested for holding Pakistani SIM cards and who were 



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