Maharashtra cops block 94 sites used to radicalise youth about ISIS

Pune: Influence of terror outfit ISISis being seen in nearly a dozen states, including Maharashtra, where police have blocked 94 websites being used to radicalise the youth, a top official said today.
"Influence of ISIS is being seen in 10-12 states (in the country) including Maharashtra. Police have blocked 94 websites in the last year (2015) which were used as a tool to radicalise youth about ISIS," Maharashtra Anti-Terrorism Squad chief Vivek Phansalkar told reporters here.  
To counter the "menace of ISIS", the Maharashtra ATS too has decided to use online tactics.
"We are preparing to launch a dedicated website of ATS, which will be used as a measure and tool to create awareness among the society and to de-radicalise the people who are falling prey to their tactics," the ATS chief said.  

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"We have to do a lot of confidence building... and identify, monitor and counter the menace of ISIS in the society," Phansalkar added.
According to the officer, the good thing is that a lot of community leaders and religious leaders are against this influence (of ISIS) and helping the cops to de-radicalise and create awareness among the youths.
Speaking on the recent joint crackdown by the National Investigation Agency and the state ATS in the country, he said, "There is a good coordination between the agencies in the country and the recent crackdown and 14 arrests of ISIS sympathisers is the fine example of that (co-ordination)."
On the modus operandi of ISIS, the officer said, "These people use a lot of visuals which are inflammatory in nature and show dreams that there will be 'caliphate'." When asked whether ATS was recently threatened by ISIS, he categorically said, "ISIS did not threaten them."
Speaking about the soon-to-be launched website, Phansalkar said, "Counter narratives is necessary and through the website, it is possible to ensure people and we will adopt such tactics to counter the increasing menace."
On January 22, in a major anti-terror swoop across the country ahead of Republic Day, the NIA had taken custody 14 people suspected to be ISIS sympathisers for plotting attacks in different parts of the country.
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