LRA rebel leader accused of ordering cannibalism

International prosecutors at The Hague have accused former Ugandan rebel Dominic Ongwen of ordering his men to kill, cook and eat civilians. He is the first member of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) to appear before the International Criminal Court. Mr Ongwen has been accused of 70 war crimes and crimes against humanity.

His defence is likely to use his past as a former child soldier and kidnap victim as part of a plea for leniency. Prosecutors used Thursday’s confirmation-of-charges hearing to try to convince judges there is enough evidence for Mr Ongwen to stand trial. They said Mr Ongwen had used schoolgirls as sex slaves, conscripted child soldiers and, in at least one instance, ordered his men to kill, cook and eat civilians The prosecution is focusing on attacks on four displaced camps housing civilians driven out by the LRA’s violence.



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