ISIS fighters burnt alive for Ramadi fall

WASHINGTON: IS militants who lost a key town to Iraqi forces were burned alive in full public view by their own men after they fled to the group's stronghold of Mosul, in a terrifying message to other fighters, a media report has said. 

Several Mosul residents claim that when the black clad jihadists made it to Mosul, some 400km north of Ramadi city retaken by Iraqi forces, they were set on fire in the town's main square, the reported. "They were grouped together and made to stand in a circle. And set on fire to die," a former resident of northern Iraq now living in the US, but in touch with family back home was quoted as saying by the 

Several other Iraqis with relatives in Mosul said defeated IS militants were being punished — and executed — for not fighting to death in Ramadi, it added. "There is no surprise on executing IS fighters from Ramadi. They did the same to fighters after Tikrit," said Michael Pregent, a terrorism expert and former intelligence adviser to general David Petraeus in Iraq. 

The retaking of Ramadi was a major setback to the terror outfit. 

With Iraqi government mustering to recapture Mosul, an increasingly paranoid IS has stepped up murders of women and children, it said, citing people trapped in the city. 

"They come to the house and take the children and accuse them of being spies," said astateside Iraqi with knowledge of the situation.



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