Intelligence inputs say militant outfits in North East trading opium

GUWAHATI:  Assam Rifles, oldest paramilitary force of the country has stated that various intelligence inputs indicated that militant outfit Khaplang faction of NSCN, anti-talk ULFA and Kamatapur liberation organization (KLO) are carrying out opium cultivation and trade in Kachin Province of Myanmar. 

According to Assam rifles which is enaged in counter insurgency opera ion Khaplang cadres are into cultiva ion and transportation of opium, but the same has been consistently denied by Khaplang.

However, recent pictures uploaded by a senior leader of Khaplang group, Self-Styled Col Isak Sumi, finance in charge of Nagaland, with poppy cultivation in the background substantiates the claim made by various intelligence agencies that NSCN(K) is thriving on drug trafficking and opium trade. 

"On social media Self Styled Col Isak Sumi claims that it is poppy crop in the background close to Kachin- China border.  NSCN (K) is using the llicit money earned through narcotics to procure war like stores, training of their cadres and running camps for training other militant outfits on a purely mercenary basis," Assam rifles statement stated. 

Assam rifles stated that the involvement of NSCN (K) in drug trafficking is posing serious problems for the Naga society in particular and North Eastern region as a whole.

Khaplang doesn't have an ideology and insurgency for him is a business; a means to achieve the end. Easy accessibility to drugs (Marijuana, Synthetic Drugs like Methaqualone or Mandrax, Methamphetamine, Ketamine, Opirates etc) and other contraband in  Nagaland are rapidly engulfing the youth thus weakening the traditions and rich culture of Nagaland.



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