FARC denies forced abortions

The FARC rebels said Sunday that Hector Albeidis Arboleda Buitrago, who is being investigated in Colombia for allegedly performing forced abortions on guerrillas, never was part of their group and denied that they had any such policy because it runs counter to their "principles."
The rebel group issued a statement on the matter signed by the "FARC-EP Joint Chiefs of Staff Secretariat," saying that it has no policy of forcing pregnant guerrillas to have abortions.
Regarding Arboleda, also known as "The Nurse" and arrested in Madrid in December but released after precautionary measures were taken despite the fact that he is wanted by Interpol for "aggravated torture, non-consensual abortion and criminal conspiracy."
The FARC said that the whole controversy amounts to a "judicial and media set up," adding that the claims are "as false and shameful" as those that the FARC "rapes women or uses the bodies of guerrillas who have fallen in combat to give anatomy classes."
Arboleda, 40, is being investigated by the Colombian Attorney General's Office for allegedly carrying out, according to local media, hundreds of forced abortions deep in the jungle between 1998 and 2000, including more than 50 on young girls raped by the rebels.
The AG's Office opened the investigation after accumulating evidence it said shows that "forced abortion was a FARC policy," said Colombian AG Eduardo Montealegre.
Arboleda fled Colombia some years ago and settled in Spain. EFE

Source http://latino.foxnews.com/latino/news/2016/01/03/farc-denies-forced-abortions/


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